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How Does Fire Damage Restoration Work?

Published by Allegra on July 29, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

An Essential Guide to Fire Damage Restoration ServicesFire damage is among the most devastating disasters any property owner can experience. According to the NSPA, there are over 353,000 residential or commercial fires every year that result in billions of dollars in property damages. This shows that this experience is not only traumatic but also quite painful for victims who watch their valuable possessions and roof over their heads burn to the crisp, leaving them without a place to stay. Regardless of the cause, be it a gas leak, faulty equipment, or wildfire, you mustn’t wait to hire fire damage restoration services as it might be the key to managing the emotional and financial distress caused by a fire.

In this post, we’ll explain what Fire Damage Restoration is and how it works so readers can know what to expect if they ever experience this unfortunate event.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Simply put, Fire Damage Restoration is the process of cleaning, repairing, and restoring properties that have sustained fire damage. Generally, this process takes place between 24-48 hours following the fire, and this period is regarded as the golden hours of recovery. The more you prolong repairs, the worse the effects of the fire will get. For instance, the soot and smoke damage will continue to corrode the building’s components and leave a long-lasting toxic smoke odor. Moreover, the water damage that results as a consequence of the firefighters’ efforts can ruin your tiles and hardwood floors.

The restoration process includes many solutions to mitigate the damage, including odor, smoke, ash, and smooth removal. However, you must consider several factors while assessing the visible structural damage of your property, such as:

  • Loss of property value and use
  • Long-term effects of smoke and charring
  • Replacement cost vs. repair cost
  • The sentimental value of possessions

How Fire Damage Restoration Works

The Fire Damage Restoration process can be incredibly complex, especially in cities like Detroit, Canton, and Westland where environmental hazards and accidents are more commonplace than others. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the Fire Damage Restoration process works:

1.    In-Depth Damage Assessment

The physical damages that are visible are just the tip of the iceberg following a house or commercial fire. The cost of fixing charred floors, doors, ceilings, and drywall is nothing compared to extensive structural damage to your roof trusses or framing. To evaluate the cost, restoration professionals start by cleaning the spaces to fully inspect the property for damage. In many cases, the cost will be directly proportional to the duration of the fire.

For example, if it was caught early, you could restore the property with deep cleaning and odor-neutralizing. However, if the property is uninhabitable after the fire, the team will take measures to prevent further damage due to severe weather or vandalism by blocking all sealing all entry points.

Following the inspection, the team will secure the facility with:

  • Temporary Fences
  • Roof Cover-ups
  • Structural Braces

2.    Water Damage Restoration

Firefighters often use hundreds of gallons of water to put out small fires, leaving your property or room soaked. This can lead to additional damage to your floors and walls in the form of stains and molds, etc. Hence, restoration companies often start the process by drying the water and cleaning the walls and floors. Once the space is fully dry, the team will remove damaged materials, furniture, and appliances to commence demolition and debris removal.

3.    Soot and Smoke Damage Removal

Cleaning up after a fire is a complex job that requires professional equipment and industry-scale cleaning products. Structural soot and odor removal involve using chemicals like chlorinated bleach, detergents, tri-sodium phosphate, and warm water. Once this is taken care of, the team will proceed to repaint.

4.    Final Repairs and Restoration

Once the home restoration team takes care of the steps mentioned above, they will begin structural repairs. This process can easily take weeks or months, depending on your property’s size and the extent of the fire damage.

5.    Optional Renovation

Many property owners consider fire damage as an opportunity to renovate their properties. Instead of returning things to the way they were, they can go a few steps further by reconfiguring spaces, expanding walls, adding more windows, or adding hardwood or tile floors.

24/7 Fire Restoration Services From 911 Restoration in Metro Detroit

At 911 Restoration in Metro Detroit, we understand that a fire can be a traumatic experience, and the mere thought of restoration can seem overwhelming. Once the fire department has extinguished the fire, our highly experienced team takes over and divides your property into sections to help you take an inventory of your lost items. Using cutting-edge tools and equipment, we begin the fire damage restoration process and return your property to its original condition while adhering to all regulations.

For more information regarding our home restoration services, feel free to call us anytime!

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