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The Role of Drones in Commercial Restoration

Published by Allegra on September 10, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Drones in Commercial RestorationThe role of drones in commercial restoration continuously evolves with advancements in technology. Often dubbed as the Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV), these high-tech devices have lots of potential in facilitating disaster recovery services after a hurricane, torrential rain, earthquake, flood, or major fire accident.

911 Restoration of Metro Detroit plans to use such devices to support restoration efforts whenever tragedy strikes in the neighborhood. Having licensed drones can prove beneficial in numerous different ways. They offer security, boost operation, and increase accuracy during the assessment.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of drones in commercial restoration projects:

Accurate Assessments of Property Damage

Modern commercial restoration services can use drones to assess property damage for large-scale and small-scale projects. For preliminary assessment, everything from indoor entertainment centers, shopping malls, arcades, restaurants, and other public spaces can utilize unmanned aircraft vehicles.

Drones can capture high-resolution images of target sites (both residential and commercial) with ease. They take images from a bird’s eye view, giving restoration experts the right angle required to evaluate the damages sustained after the disaster.

With its assistance, first responders can collect crucial information regarding property damage in real-time. You can use advanced thermal and infrared technology to capture the precise data required to evaluate property loss.

Professionals can use its collective data and information stored in previous sessions for a detailed overview of:

  • Primary restoration sites within your commercial building and premises
  • Consistent assessment of property damage in the aftermath of the disaster
  • Real-time updates on the interior and exterior surface of your home

All of this can help restoration consultants to create a personalized recovery plan for commercial sites. Having precise measurements and readings results in more efficiency. Additionally, it reduces miscalculations caused by human error.

Better Coverage & Faster Disaster Recovery Service

Using drones in commercial restoration efforts can prove beneficial for disaster recovery services. They can reach inaccessible areas in record time with the help of its advanced technology. The aerial shots are equally important for collecting information about the interior and exterior damages that occur after a weather-related event or fire.

Moreover, data collection happens quickly when technicians use a UAV, especially when the property covers expansive grounds. Having access to such equipment shortens response time. Subsequently, it prepares recovery teams for superficial and in-depth property loss that occurs post-disaster.

Besides, having a record of preliminary assessment of the destruction and monitoring the disintegration of your commercial building via UVA can help in the future. You can utilize this information as evidence for filing an insurance claim.

Pro tip: 911 Restoration of Metro Detroit provides insurance support to all clients. Remember to ask for assistance and receipt of your commercial restoration services to apply for rightful reimbursement. Our professional expertise and photographic evidence can ensure that the verdict goes in your favor.

Maximum Safety & Security

Disaster recovery services often deal with damaged structures and areas that might collapse without warning. Undertaking commercial restoration services for these locations can prove risky. Your employees or the restoration crew can come into contact with flammable items, biohazard materials, or severely damaged structures.

Drones in commercial restoration areas take upon the role of first responders. They let industry personnel monitor current and potential threats with aid from advanced technology.

  • A safer way to reach danger zones. Drones can reach roofs and undersides of loft areas, which are often considered dangerous for workers post-disaster
  • It limits contact with biohazards found on commercial sites. UAVs can protect workers from biohazard waste after a major sewage overflow at a commercial site
  • Saves your team and emergency restoration responders from fire. You can use drones to investigate fire risks and evaluate potential damage post-fire accidents. Both scenarios protect your employees and our disaster recovery personnel from fire injuries from flammable materials and combustible items that still have a spark within them.

In other words, it makes risk management and restoration safer by ensuring the personnel stays on the ground and away from harm whenever possible. It’s a great solution for commercial restoration projects that deal with biohazards, fire, severed mold infestations, and property damage.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, drones in commercial restoration services prove effective when used strategically. Their presence allows disaster recovery service providers with accurate assessments of the property loss. Subsequently, helping restoration crews to save time and energy often spent on surveying large areas. These UAVs offer more coverage, too, by monitoring inaccessible areas and danger zones marked on the blueprint.

Lastly, they maximize security and protect restoration experts by identifying potential threats. Our trained technicians can use this information to undertake risky projects more safely.

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Contact 911 Restoration of Metro Detroit if you are looking for professional commercial disaster recovery services. We offer 24/7 support and 45 minutes response time to prevent the situation from escalating.

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