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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Harpreet and Harmeet, the owners of 911 Restoration Metro Detroit, pride themselves on bringing people a fresh start after their peace of mind has been taken from them in a  fire.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Checking Water Removal Progress“After a major disaster,” he explains, “homeowners need to know that everything is going to be alright after an accident. However, I am here to tell them that things are going to be better than ever.”

Because fires happen sporadically and with almost no rhyme or reason, we need to be available to customers. Which is why we are proud to say we are ready 24/7/365.

As soon as a fire marshal is able to clear your home, we will be there making things right within 45-minutes. Even if you’re curious, we are happy to provide you a free damage estimate for anything you may be facing.

Don’t let your home or business succumb to the effects generated by a fire and smoke damage Metro Detroit event. Contact our experts with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit for all the assistance you and your home need today!

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration By the Best

Although fires may come out of nowhere, your reaction to one can be premediated. Do you have a fire escape plan? The answer to that question should be a yes, if not, then draft one. .

Once you have your escape plan you should practice it at least once a quarter. Remember, the more you practice the more likely your plan will go off without a hitch, so try to make practice as frequently as once a month.

Furthermore, if you do not have smoke detectors installed in your home, please stop reading, and go get yourself some. Once a month check to see if the battery is alive and replace as needed.

Water Damage Fire Damage Gutting In ProgressA fire escape plan should consist of

  • Multiple escape routes
  • A meeting point outside the home
  • Knowledge of emergency contacts
  • Spare money, water, and food
  • Working smoke detectors to let you know when to start

Moreover, keep a fire extinguisher at hand and use it on small fires. Nonetheless, even a fire extinguisher can’t stop big trouble, so as soon as a fire becomes too much for you to handle, flee!

Your safety is the number one priority. Once you’re out of your home safely, call us to handle the rest. You’re in good hands. Our fire damage Detroit team can restore anything from upholstery to drywall.

If your home has already gone through a fire and smoke damage situation, then don’t hesitate to contact our experts with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit for all the help your home needs to look new again today!

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Experts

During a fire, plenty of hot smoke can expand and fill the spaces in your home with deposited ash and soot. So, even if the fire was small the smell of it can linger for years.

Water Damage Restoration Van Navigating To Job LocationEven more, if a restoration company cuts corners, then during moist and hot days, you can happen upon a reminder about the worst day of your life.

So call the experts at 911 Restoration Metro Detroit. Our fire damage restoration team is IICRC certified, so we know how to implement a remediation plan that you can count on.

The key is to look at every inch of the house. One way we do this is by using a thermal fogger. It produces an odor neutralizing cloud that spans your home the way smoke does.

We do not stop there; we go beyond by dismantling your ducts and vents, so we can clear them out. Breathing easy means your home ventilation system is operating at maximum efficiency.

If you’re in need of a company that will work hard for you call our fire and smoke damage restoration Detroit team with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit today!

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