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Taking on the various difficulties resultant from a pipe burst, water heater failure, or any other form of intrusion requires specialization and this is why 911 Restoration Metro Detroit owners Harpreet and Harmeet Singh, along with their water damage Macomb team are all licensed, insured, bonded and IICRC certified to handle anything restoration related.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Working In BasementHarpreet, Harmeet and the water damage Macomb team know that immediacy is one of the best ways to mitigate the extent of damage that can result from water invasion is to get on top of the situation quickly.

“My team and I can be at the scene of a water damage event within 45 minutes of a call for help with the situation,” Harpreet says. “by arriving as fast as possible, we can help to prevent the growth of mold from the situation too.”

Harpreet, Harmeet, and the water damage Macomb specialists will get to the event as fast as possible, but they are also capable of taking on projects with technicians who are available 24/7/365 too.

“No matter whether it’s rain or shine, night or day, we will still be there immediately to save the day,” Harpreet says.

If your home is filling with water from a pipe burst, ceiling leak, or any other sort of accident, then contact the water damage Macomb team with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit for help today!

Preventing Water Damage through Maintenance

When it comes to taking care of homes and businesses that have experienced a water damage crisis, there is no one more capable, trustworthy, and prepared for the job than Harpreet, Harmeet, and the water damage Macomb team, but they are also highly proficient at preventing such circumstances from ever happening too.

“We take calls all the time from people in homes and businesses that are simply trying to find the best methods for protecting their property from the worst that weather and wear and tear can bring,” Harpreet says. “This is why we created a list of all the different ways that people can protect their home through maintenance tasks that will ultimately prevent water damage from taking place.”

  • Water Damage In Finished BasementMake sure that you check your pipes for rust and puddling which may be an indicator of corrosion. A corroded section of pipe might be the site of a future water damage situation, and replacing the pipe is vastly cheaper and easier than restoring the property afterwards.
  • Take the time to trim the trees around your property once a year to catch any dead limbs that might fall onto your roof and cause water damage to flow inside when it’s raining.
  • Have a plumbing professional look at your whole system to spot any obstructions that may grow to become sources of water damage down the road.
  • Inspect your sump pumps once a year so that if they aren’t working you can replace them before the rain comes in. A new sump pump might seem like a large up-front cost, but ultimately it will save your home from flooding and water damage exposure.

“This is a strong list of the top causes for water damage and the best ways to prevent it through maintenance,” Harmeet says. “But there are plenty of other methods for doing so, and if anyone has questions about items that aren’t mentioned here, they should absolutely give us a call to find out more.”

If your home or business is experiencing a flooding situation from a pipe burst, water heater loss, or any other form of liquid invasion, then you need the assistance of Harmeet, Harpreet and the water damage Macomb team with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit.

Sprinkler System Causes Water Damage in Storefront

Harpreet, Harmeet and the water damage Macomb team have countless hours of experience in the field taking on the challenges of water invasions in homes and businesses and this is why they have become the go-to source for solutions in the area.

Water Damage Restoration Truck On Driveway In Winter“We got a call recently from a local business owner who had a sprinkler malfunction in the store overnight,” Harmeet says. “When they got in the next day there was water still pouring out and all over the sales floor.”

Harmeet, Harpreet and the water damage Macomb team got to work immediately taking care of business. They started by bringing in the latest and greatest extraction and drying equipment, and then turning off the main line to the property at the same time.

“Then we extracted all of the wet drywall and soaked building materials from the property and placed the latest drying technology in strategic areas to completely eliminate any excess moisture in the building,” Harpreet says.

When the water damage Macomb team was finished with the project, they made it look brand new again.

If your home or business is experiencing a flooding issue from a pipe burst, ceiling leak or any other means, then don’t hesitate to contact our water damage Macomb experts with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit for all the relief your home needs today!

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