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Water Damage Monroe

When people need professionals to take care of situations like a pipe burst, ceiling leak, or any other form of water intrusion, they rely on 911 Restoration Metro Detroit owners Harpreet and Harmeet Singh, along with their water damage Monroe team to give them the best.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Prepping Air MoversTo give people the best restoration services in the business, Harmeet, Harpreet and the water damage Monroe crew know that they have to get started immediately, and this is why they will arrive within 45 minutes to start saving the day.

“My team and I get to the job site as soon as we get the call to stop the situation from escalating,” Harpreet says. “This helps us to prevent mold growth, fungus infestations, and even structural erosion due to stagnating water.”

In addition to being at the site of a water damage event quickly, Harmeet, Harpreet and the water damage Monroe specialists will are also capable of taking on projects at any time with technicians who are available 24/7/365 for just such situations.

If your home is already experiencing a pipe burst scenario, ceiling leak crisis, or any other form of water invasion, then don’t hesitate a second to call the water damage Monroe team with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit for help today!

Preventing Water Damage Situations through Maintenance

Harmeet and Harpreet are the most trusted experts around when it comes to saving homes and businesses from a water damage situation that has already taken place, but they are also the best at helping people to prevent these situations from ever happening too.

“My team and I get calls every day from property owners who just want to learn all of the best ways to protect their home from damage,” Harpreet says. “And that is why we set down and took the time to create a great list of all the things that people can do from a maintenance standpoint to keep their home high and dry no matter what.”

Water Damage Pipe Burst Situation

  • Make sure to trim the trees around your home or business to ensure that any dead limbs don’t snap off and fall onto your property in high wind or heavy rain.
  • Check your pipes for any sections with rust, or puddling as this may be a sign of corrosion that might force a burst to occur and spew water damage everywhere.
  • Let a restoration professional inspect your whole property for any areas that may cause future water damage challenges. Stopping these obstructions now is vastly cheaper and easier than repairing the water damage they might cause later.
  • Test your sump pumps once a year at least to make sure they are in perfect working order. If they aren’t running properly replace them immediately. The cost of a sump pump is miniscule compared to the cost of restoring a home after a sump pump failure.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts once a year or more to ensure that there are no clogs that might cause overflows and ice dams. An ice dam can ruin a roof in only a single season by swamping the protective layers and spreading them apart with expanding ice that they brings water damage to your attic or upper floors.

“There are a lot of top suspects for water damage on this list, but there are plenty of others that can save a home too,” Harmeet says. “So if anyone has a question about items and ideas that aren’t listed here, they should absolutely give us a call to learn more.”

If your home is already experiencing an invasion of water from a pipe burst, ceiling leak, or even a toilet overflow don’t let it linger and start growing mold. Contact Harmeet, Harpreet and the water damage Monroe team with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit for all the help your home needs today!

Ice Dam Causes Water Damage in Upstairs Bedroom

When Harpreet and Harmeet, or their water damage Monroe crew take on a project, they always make sure to bring their best technology and talent, and doing so has made them the go-to source for these types of services in the area.

Water Damage Restoration Van Driving Down Flooded Street“We got a call recently from a homeowner who was experiencing some intermittent dripping in her ceiling,” Harpreet says. “We knew before we even got to the property that an ice dam was very likely because of the stop and start factor she described in the ceiling leak.”

This happens with ice dams because during the day, the sun can warm the dam and thaw melting water which finds its way into the home and then onto ceilings and down walls.

“When we got to the property we immediately took down the ice dam to prevent more water from melting inside,” Harpreet says. “Then we fixed the spreading layers of the roofing materials and patched up the whole area.”

Harpreet, Harmeet and the water damage Monroe team took complete care of this home, as they do with all homes and businesses they do work on.

If your property is already amid a flooding situation from an ice dam, or any other means, then don’t let it turn into a mold growth dilemma too.

Contact Harpreet, Harmeet and our water damage Monroe team with 911 Restoration Metro Detroit for all the repair and remediation help your home needs today!

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